superhero-clipart-black-and-white-superhero-clipart-SuperheroI Create Superheroes

When people ask me what I do, I always say, “I create Superheroes.” This usually leads to a question along the lines of, “What does that mean?”

I believe that all of us have latent superpowers that we haven’t discovered yet. We may have tapped them a bit, uncovered some on our own, even gotten quite good at some things. But there is unlimited potential in each of us. Not just talents and gifts, but abilities that can bend reality to our will.

There are two dimensions to developing these superpowers. One is understanding that many of our limitations are simply social constructs. Once you see them clearly for what they are, they fall away like paper chains. You have learned these rules and limitations from friends and family, from school and tv. But you can release yourself from them if you choose.

The second dimension is purpose. You must discover your purpose, and commit to serving it in everything you do. I’m not talking about a purpose that is given to you by God or the Universe, though once you choose your purpose, it may feel that way. I’m talking about a purpose that you create. A purpose that resonates with who you are, what you do, what you are truly capable of. To be a Superhero, your purpose must serve the greater good in some way. And it must guide your choice of goals and actions. Always.

Someone who has unleashed themselves from limiting beliefs and constructs, and who lives in service to a greater purpose is unstoppable. And, equally important, they live with a deep joy that comes from impacting the world in a positive way.

Are you ready to discover your superpowers? Before we get started, you must pass this simple test:

I work only with people who are:

  • Committed to discovering their purpose
  • Committed to serving that purpose in everything they do
  • Willing to take action, even when it’s painful, difficult, or requires great effort
  • Committed to serving the greater good, while increasing the deep joy in their life

I don’t work with people who are:

  • Shallow
  • Selfish
  • Unfun
  • Unwilling to work
  • Unwilling to be honest with me and with themselves

If you pass that simple test, set up a complimentary call with me, and we’ll dig deep into your purpose, your challenges, and your beliefs. You will leave that call well on your way to Superhero status.

John McKay – Creator of Superheroes

Clarity. Flow. Purpose.


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