A few kind words from people I’ve worked with…

As a writer who’s working on my first novel, I have found John’s ability to help me clarify and organize my thinking invaluable. John has a keen analytical mind that can reduce complex problems to their essentials, and then offer a host of strategies and tips for handling them effectively. He has helped me to structure my work space to make me more productive, and also helped me to add structure to my work process so that I can write more, faster.

As much as I appreciate his business and technical acumen, what I appreciate even more is his personable, down-to-earth manner. If you’re looking for a harsh taskmaster, keep looking. But if you’re interested in someone who will guide you toward your goals with respect and a highly positive approach, I can’t think of anyone who does it better.

In short, if you are seeking help meeting your business or creative objectives, I strongly recommend you avail yourself of his considerable expertise. I can’t imagine that you would ever regret it.

-Kevin Thorson, Author


I hired John to help me improve my business. I had some issues and I was having trouble identifying exactly where the problems were. I was too involved in the day to day operations and I really needed some outside perspective and expert advice on what I could do to eliminate the problems I was having and speed up my business’s growth.

With John’s help I was able to find several glaring problems (within the first meeting!) that I just could not see. Over the course of several more coaching sessions we were able to streamline my business and also teach me some strategies to become a more efficient business owner and use my time more effectively.
Since starting with his coaching, my business has started running smoother and I have seen significant growth and more revenue is now coming in.

I want to thank John for his invaluable help. If you have a chance to work with him I highly recommend it, it changed my business for the better.

-John Hofmann (Owner 200bucksites.com)


My experience working with John McKay has been a highly energizing and inspiring one! The tools he uses and the insight he provides has helped me better understand how to build my business in a way that provides the highest level of quality to my clients! My results with clients around the topics of meditation and mindfulness are amplified due to the tools that he shared with me on his coaching calls. John is a lot of fun to work with and is very knowledgeable about getting people tangible results in their lives. I’d highly recommend him to any business owner.

-Bryan Schachtele