Have you ever dreamed of creating something, going somewhere, meeting someone, and immediately felt that it was impossible?

One of the challenges my clients often face is wanting something that seems outside of their reality, out of reach. They might want to start a new business, but can’t see quitting their current job, or exiting their current business. It looks, from where they are standing, that doing so would be disastrous, that they would be broke in a month, their spouse would be taking the kids and leaving, they’d lose their home, and everyone would hate them. 

That might be an exaggeration, but for whatever reason, they can’t see the possibility of pursuing this new endeavor. 

So, part of the process of moving towards this new goal is to examine the fears and beliefs that they have, and to see how those are both inaccurate, and incomplete. They can put plans in place to avoid the worst outcomes, and make preparations to deal with the challenges that do come up. And to learn to trust that they can handle whatever arises.

Once we’ve looked closely at the goal from every angle we can, we can start to gently move in that direction. Every step you take gets you closer to the goal, it elevates your view, making it easier to see what’s next, what’s actually possible, and how to get there. 

Achieving things in the real world isn’t always easy, but we almost always make it much harder in our heads than it needs to be. Our thoughts and our thinking in the moment are the true obstacles to creation. And thoughts are just made up, they hold no truth, they are only our understanding in that moment. 

Imagine being free of that thinking, able to see it for what it is, and to move forward without the weight of those fears, beliefs, expectations, and imagined criticisms.

You can get there. I promise.