50@50: Fifty Things I’ve Learned So Far

On the occasion of my 50th Birthday, I thought it’d be fun to write out 50 things I’ve learned in my life, perhaps as a gift to my sons, on how to live a good life. Some of these things are probably obvious, but a lot aren’t. And some are things I still struggle with […]

What Goggles Are You Wearing?

When I look at the world outside my window, I might notice a child on a bike, or a car speeding by. I might see a tree or the neighbor’s gutter, full of leaves. I might see my yard, in need of mowing, or the nice paint job on the house down the street.My attention […]

Create a Better Experience for a Better Business

Existence is experience. If we don’t experience, we don’t exist. Many philosophical traditions operate from this point, and it’s impossible to refute. If there is no one to experience the universe, in what sense does it exist? Bringing this down to the human level, everything we do, we do in pursuit of positive experiences and to […]

How to Use The Venn Diagrams of Life

I love Venn Diagrams, as a way to show where we are not in alignment, and how that causes our frustrations and failures. It becomes obvious when you see that you are only overlapping ever so slightly and when you are near total alignment. The first Venn Diagram I’d like to consider is the one […]

Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Be a Dog?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a dog? Obviously, you wouldn’t be thinking in English. You would probably have a different experience of smell, time, direction. You would view humans in a way that I would assume is fundamentally different from how we view one another. But there would still be an […]

Fear, decisions, and the truth about our experience

There was an article I read the other day, about feelings. This article told the story of a man who had a type of brain injury that resulted in his being disconnected from emotion. He was like a Vulcan, totally reasonable and objective. The trouble was, he couldn’t make any decisions. Not even what to […]

Change Your Assumptions to Get Better Results

In working with my coaching clients, one of the biggest areas of opportunity is that around assumptions. Most of us operate in our businesses and daily lives as though many assumptions were true, when in fact they are not, or are at least unproven. We can’t be constantly questioning our reality, but there are often […]