Coaching is about you, not me.

JohnMcKayBut if you’re really curious, here you go:

I’ve trained with and studied under a number of coaches, including Jamie Smart, Michael Neill, Rich Litvin, and Mitch Matthews.  My coaching is based in part on traditional coaching models, as well as an understanding of where experience comes from, as shared by Sydney Banks, along with those mentioned above, and others in the 3 Principles community.

Before I became a coach, I was a lifelong musician, playing in punk and indie rock bands, recording musicians in Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA, and promoting concerts with friends in AZ for amazing punk, indie, ska, rockabilly, surf and rock bands throughout the 90’s. It was a great time to be part of the music scene.

I also was a partner in a business selling Apple Computer merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, etc) that we bought from ex-Apple employees. It was fun, we spent a lot of time in Cupertino, and I was lucky enough to meet Steve Jobs and cross paths with Steve Wozniak. It sounds more impressive than it was, but it’s still something I remember fondly.

As you can see, my background isn’t from a traditional corporate coaching background, I’m more of a DIY, anti-establishment kind of guy, even though I’m happily married, and have two amazing sons. 

I value freedom of all kinds, freedom of thought most highly.

So what about you? What makes you tick?